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Marek Rymaszewski draws from a deep well of emotional torment and dislocated desire on ‘The Despicable Mischief Of Marek Rymaszewski’. Produced and arranged with expert finesse by Robin Millar, featuring lead track ‘Killer’ and eleven other visceral new songs as well as beautiful bespoke artwork by Frieda Hughes, the painter daughter of the poets Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath, the album is the tale of a man looking at his life in a mirror without flinching at the harsh truth that is reflected there and that he cannot deny.

"Marek is probably the most extraordinary musician I have met in thirty five years. David Bowie meets The Eagles on a very dark night and as good as both of them. There is...

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Marek Rymaszewski - Killer Video

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The Despicable Mischief Of ...